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Blogging vs. Television

Posted on: July 8, 2008

(Since the taping day of UTV’s “Speak out, be heard!” episode, I had been thinking of writing something about the immense difference between freedom in television and freedom in Web logging. The recently concluded Pinoy Media Congress has strengthened my belief that, indeed, blog’s provide more freedom than television.)

It was RJ Malayang, a Mass Communication student and my fellow participant during the UTV show, which first voiced out, and actually made me realize, of the limitations of television when it comes to freedom of speech. I used to think that television is the freest of medium and the most efficient and far-reaching when it comes to reaching out to a wider audience. I used to think that TV is the best vehicle for people to express themselves and let others hear what they got to say about serious topics and controversial issues. This is because, as I have noticed and falsely believed, television is a widely used medium in this country and reaches out to far-flung areas and reaches a variety of audience that came from all walks of life, age, and sizes. Rich or poor watches television and so I thought that when it comes to airing out grievances television is the most effective.

This observation is of course, as what I have found out later, an opinion of somebody who does not have inkling as to what is happening behind the show. During the UTV taping I realized that television is not really the freest of medium and that, blogging is a lot more efficient than it. The finished product that we see on screen may be free from all flaws and may present all sides of the issue that the program may happen to tackle but what we don’t actually realize is that, the program has been edited, timed and some statements had already been cut to make the episode fit on its allotted time slot.

You cannot even express everything because you have to stick with the time allotted for the segment. If that particular part has been given only eight or ten minutes you also have to make your discussion fit in that allotted time and sometimes eight minutes is not enough to cover everything that has to be discussed. Especially on controversial issues, eight minutes is simply not enough to accommodate all sides of the story as well as all points that have to be covered. But then, the show is controlled by the Directors, the PA’s and all the people behind the camera. If they say stop, you cannot do anything but stop. Once the PA start waving the board that says, “YOUR RUNNING TIME IS UP!” you cannot do anything but wrap up your discussion.

Blogging on the other hand gives us more freedom to express ourselves. We can write as many pages as we can and say whatever we want to say without fear of being censored, edited or our statements cut by directors or our explanations distracted by PAs waving their clipboards. There is no time limit and we can expound our ideas with more freedom. We can question everything or explain anything or merely rant about anything we want to rant about.

Unfortunately however, not everybody has the opportunity to learn how to use the computer and not everybody has access to computers. And more unfortunate is the fact that even if we exhaust all the possible blog space that the site or server can offer to us, there is only a little to no chance at all that our opinions or grievances would be heard by those whom it is supposedly addressed. It is a consolation however that we can reach those who have the access who would hopefully spread out the information and hopefully (again, after all, miracles do happen right?) the information would eventually reach those concerned. If not, it is a consolation that we could reach those who share the same sentiments as us.

It is my opinion that in this world, no medium of communication has yet been created that is free of restrictions and limitations. As for now, we can only make use of what we have and maximize the potential of the advancements around us.


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