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Of Freedom and Independence

Posted on: August 6, 2008

Which is better, freedom or independence?

What does it take to be free? What does it take to be independent? defines freedom as the state of being free or at liberty rather than in confinement or under physical restraint while independence is defined as, the state of being free from the influence or control by others in matters of opinion, conduct, etc.

The concept of freedom and independence has always cause confusion because oftentimes, the words are being used interchangeably without considering for the merits of each. I, for one, believe that no matter how many dictionaries would classify them as having the same meanings freedom and independence are two different things with two different meanings.

Personally, I always see freedom as something which allows you to do whatever you wanted to do without any restraints. Yes, an echo of the definition i provided.

But Independence? Does being free automatically means being independent?
Freedom is easier to define, to quantify but independence is another matter. Or maybe it is for me.

I always see independence as a synonym for responsibility. Both of which I personally treasure and believe that should be mulled over first before declaring as mine.

By definition, I am free. I can do whatever I wanted to do with my life. As granted by the constitution of this country, I am already considered an adult who could decide for myself and do what I deem is right for me. This country has given me freedom to choose, freedom to decide, to think, to express my opinion, to voice my grievances, etc. My parents gave me the very same freedom that the constitution granted me.

But could they give me independence?

Independence is a matter of choice. It is something that has to be decided for by the person himself. You have the freedom to choose if you want to be independent or not. It is up to the person really. I don’t think anybody could just tell you to be independent and you’ll automatically become one. Its like falling in love, you cannot just tell a person to fall in love and expect them to really fall in love.

As I’ve said, independence comes with responsibility like so many other things in this world. For me, being independent not only means being able to stand on your own and provide for yourself. I think independence is more of being able to decide for yourself [not just choose but decide] and face the consequences of your decisions. Independence is like growing up. Its not perfect but its great. I think it is.

Though I dare say that being grown up does not necessarily mean being independent. To be independent means surviving life without the need to bawl like a baby every time you fail. It is a matter of rising after you fall and learning from all your experiences. It does not necessarily mean doing things alone, it is doing things without waiting for people to tell you what to do.

Being independent means being secured. Secured financially, psychologically, emotionally.

For me it means living for the people around you and not living because of the people around you. It doesn’t mean living on your own because you can live with your parents or your siblings and still be independent from them. Independence is, I guess, simply finding your niche, your own place in this world.

Rebellion is not independence because it does not give you security. Being wild does not mean independence because oftentimes it only means your lost. Being independent is exercising your freedom without the need to be constantly reminded or reprimanded.

Independence is simply, freedom with responsibility. It is only when freedom is exercised with a sense of responsibility that a person truly becomes independent.


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