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Posted on: September 2, 2008

A teardrop,
A sigh of regret,
A simple goodbye

The delicate chain has been broken,
Now I have to let you go.
I am burying your memory,
With the past that we shared
I dug so deep so it wouldn’t be unearthed
And break my heart again.

When love is lost,
It can always be recovered.
But when friendship is gone,
It is gone forever.

The special bond that we used to share
Has long been forgotten,
Gone were the days when we used to care for each other

Our past is now a history,
frozen in tiny photographs.
No more sounds of laughter,
No more traces of tears.

All that remained of our friendship is a tiny canvass,
A bitter reminder of what used to be.
Our smiling faces plastered in tiny snapshots,
Our laughters, echoes of yesterday

Yesterday seemed so long ago,
The shattering of the chains seemed distant and dreamlike,
Only the resounding pain makes it real.

My heart shattered in every single blow,
My teardrops fell as our special bond slowly let go,
I couldn’t stop you if you wanted so much to go,
I only wished that you had been gentle
When you finally closed that door

Now, I could only bade you goodbye
As my broken spirit slowly heals.

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