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Why is there a need for the world to control population?

Posted on: September 13, 2008

Out of boredom, I will attempt to write about one of the most controversial topics in the country: Controlling the rise of population.

First of all, I’ll make it clear that I am in favor for it.  I believe that when God said “Go, multiply and replinish the earth…” He did not mean we multiply irresponsibly.

Here is an article I wrote for one of my classes. This was also posted in one of my blogs and the citations were posted there also. The article was entitled, The World in peril: Overpopulation

Years ago, during a Sunday worship service, the senior pastor commented that among God’s commandment, there is only one particular command that people observe the most and that is, “Go, multiply and replenish the earth!”

Scientifically, reproduction—sexual or asexual (for some insects and plants) is an inherent characteristic of every species. From the mightiest beasts to the lowliest insects, creatures have to propagate in order for the species to thrive and avoid extinction. Humans, as well as several species of mammals, have the innate characteristic to bear an offspring and care for it. It is only through reproduction that the population of the species could continue to grow.

In numerous countries, including the Philippines, however, the growth of the human population has reached a level that is beyond the capacity of both the individual and the country’s resources. A U.S based sociologist once commented that the population of the world is growing at a very fast pace, so fast that the world is having a hard time keeping up with it. According to Dr. Efren Padilla, another U.S based sociologist during his Population Development seminar, as of March 2007 the population of the Philippines has reached 90 million and may increase dramatically in the next ten years. As of 2006, the Philippines has an approximate population of 85 million, barely a year after it has reached a tremendous 90 million—a number that is extremely huge, no matter in what angle you look at it.

The primary reason for this continuous increase is the attitude of the people towards population control. For a country where majority of the population is catholic and conservative, population control, particularly the artificial birth control methods, is viewed as taboo- a direct defiance to the commandment of God.

Using the Genesis as a basis for their argument, the church says that God commanded the people to propagate and any deliberate effort to stop it is a sin. However, in one of our Bible classes in high school, my teacher once said that the verse, which can be found in Genesis 1:28, is applicable only to Adam and Eve when they were banished from the Garden of Eden and to Noah, after the flood. This is because at that time they were the only ones of their kind left on earth and if they do not propagate the species will eventually be wiped out from the face of the earth.

In the present situation of the world, there is an apparent need for control over the rapidly increasing population. According to an article in the internet, “species greatly exceeds the earth’s capacity to support its entire possible offspring.1 If this is so, then birth control is absolutely needed.

We are no longer living in a world where the “wealth of the nation constitutes the wealth of the state” (Frederick the Great). That was the world of a bygone era. The world we have now is no longer like the world our ancestors had—pollution free. The world we have today does not speak of a mere thousand population—nor does it speak of a million because as of 2007, the world’s population has already surpassed 6 billion and there are more to come. According to a study conducted by the United Nations, about 3 billion people are projected to be added to the population in the middle of this century.2 What will the world do to 9 billion people?

Aside from famine, disease, war and disaster, the only solution to control the population is birth control. If the People’s Republic of China has succeeded in it through its one child policy then the rest of the world could too.

Judging by the present state of the world’s population, the natural methods of family planning, which unfortunately is the only method accepted by the church, is ineffective. It is quite baffling that the church should take artificial methods of birth control against the word of God because in the first place, the method does not wish to exterminate the human race—it merely aims to minimize the rapid increase in population. Due to over population another U.N study found out that human consumption had far outstripped available resources. 2 Would God want his children starve to death?

The Catholic Church did not take into consideration that the world could no longer support its people. For third world countries like the Philippines, more children mean less food. While the Church maintains that it is a responsibility of a married couple to propagate, they forgot the fact that it is also the parents’ responsibility to feed their children, send them to school and provide for their needs. They forgot the fact that not all countries of the world could support its people economically, that a third world country does not have the resources that highly developed countries have.

While abortion is not an acceptable act—and considered a crime, other methods of birth control should be accepted. It is only through birth control that we could stabilize the ecological imbalance. There is nothing wrong with finding a way to provide a better life to a family. Nowadays, the cliché “the more the merrier” is no longer applicable. If a family has more than two children and could no longer afford to support them, then there is nothing wrong with finding a way to stop the sperm from fertilizing the egg. If a couple cannot control their biological needs then they should do something to avoid producing another life-form.

Natural methods of family planning are inconvenient and are therefore ineffective. Artificial methods are far more promising as birth control agents. However, whichever method one chooses would be better than nothing at all. I believe that the importance of family planning could be better understood if people will understand that as your children increases; you asset decreases. Meaning, as the number of people in a family grows the resources dwindles as more people divide it.

Birth control is absolutely important especially if the parents-or an unmarried couple could not afford to support children because as what Dr. Padilla has said, nowadays (especially for a poor family) children are no longer assets but liabilities.


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