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Slacking off

Posted on: September 16, 2008

my alter ego (???)

my alter ego (???)

It’s like high school all over again.

I am getting anxious and with a reason. I had been slacking off really bad since the opening of the semester and I am not hypocrite enough to ignore what it could do to my grades. I know very wellthe consequences of my every action even before I chose to do it.

Yes, I know but still I did.

Why? I don’t know. I guess this is the negative side of senior-itis.

I am not over-confident, just plain lazy. I know I have to attend my classes no matter what but I chose not to because I don’t want to.

I dread the end of the semester. If I could pause the time and make it jump to avoid facing my instructors, I will. I have no regrets though. I know its my fault and I know that I am the one to be blamed. I did not regret anything. I know this was coming.

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