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the birds and the bees

Posted on: September 16, 2008

Why is SEX not discussed openly in the Philippines? I always wonder.

Personally, I believe that Sex Education, like everything else, should be started at home. It should be OUR PARENTS who should be EDUCATING us about SEX. They should be the ones who are in a better position to explain to us what it is and all other things the we must and have to learn about it.

Unfortunately, who would dare ask their parents about that three letter word without getting embarrassed?

Especially in the Filipino setting, sex is a topic that is considered private. Something that is absolutely not discussed be it openly or privately.

But why is that so? If education starts at home and parents are the first teachers, then why don’t they educate us about it?

I think the problem is that, Filipinos [being conservative] gets too embarassed discussing these things. Sex is a subject that is discussed only in a Biology and Health classes in high school but never discussed openly at home.

I only learned what its all about in 2nd year HS and I remembered being reprimanded for asking a very simple “how did I get inside your stomach?” when I was in the elementary. Of course, back then I did not know that babies did not really came from the mommy’s stomach.

One thing also, classroom discussions are filled with so many technicalities and words that needs to be looked up in the dictionary plus the endless laughter and teasing of your classmates makes everything unreal. It would be different if its the parents doing the explanation because they know the very things that we have to know.

This topic should not only be discussed inside the classroom but should also be reinforced at home. Believe me, classroom discussions about sex are never taken seriously by the students. It needs to be reinforced at home.  A one hour classroom discussion is not enough to get though the hardheadedness of today’s generation [me included]. There is a need to emphasize the importance of this thing.

Of course, sex education does not only talks about how the sperm fertilizes the egg. That is so grade school.

It also focuses on the different methods of birth control. Which brings me to a question, what is the purpose of sex education? To teach us what sex is all about or teach us how to?

Of course I do understand the importance of knowing about birth controls because sooner or later we will all [or at least some of you] get married and will have to. But, does this mean that while they are discouraging pre-marital sex in sex education they are also encouraging it at the same time? Or maybe they are simply realistic enough to admit that the people they are talking to only absorbs 10% of what they are talking about.


1 Response to "the birds and the bees"

I’ve learned it from school but you’re right it wasn’t really taken seriously. It wasn’t until I experienced the act itself that I truly learned. Too bad, my then girlfriend and I weren’t prepared of the unexpected result. We both became parents at 16. It didn’t work out for both of us and at 34 I have a 15 year old son. But nevertheless, I have no regrets! I love my son and can’t live without him.

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