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There is such a thing as FREE FOOD

Posted on: September 16, 2008

But only in TN.
..and it’s not even everyday, but its better than nothing.
It’s usually after the biweekly meeting, if we have the budget that is. Most of the time, we do have free snack [we even used to have free dinners] but because we are in a state of poverty [yes, even TN experiences this poverty] we sometimes have to go home in an empty stomach.

We also have free snacks of bread and coffee [and milk for those who do not drink coffee] during overnights but, again, only if we have the budget.

Seminars and other official publication activities are worth mentioning also. Its not only the fun and the performance of every member but TN seminars and IPRs are notorious for overflowing food and drinks. Just love it, really.

You can always forget your diet during these seminars. The foods were superbly cooked and always enough for everybody. You have to loosen your belts after though.

Unfortunately, TN is not rich enough to feed us always. It can only treat us from time to time. But then, who cares? Its, surely, better than nothing at all. Besides, for students on a budget, Free meals are always welcome.


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