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Dont do this to me…

Posted on: September 18, 2008

I am not insesitive. I am more receptive to your attitudes and feelings than you could imagine.

Why don’t you tell me what’s wrong instead of treating me with a cold shoulder. I hate people like that that, did you know? I think people like that are cowards and selfish.

If you will only tell me what I did wrong, them maybe I could explain and give my side. Then this charade will end and we don’t have to pretend that each of us does not exist anymore.

I am not insensitive not to know that there is something wrong. I know because I can feel it. It hurts me more than you could imagine. Of course you don’t care about my feelings. None of you ever did.

Most of you will only pay attention to how much you were hurt but none of you paid attention to those people you’ve hurt.

I think its time to be upfront about it. Stop being a coward and tell me in my face if I did something wrong. I can accept it if I did, and if I did not, I can explain myself to you and maybe enlighten you.

You know what’s the problem? You refuse to give others the chance to speak and explain because what matters to you is your PRIDE and your feelings.

You say I’m selfish? well, who’s selfish now? Who’s insensitive?

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