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The stupid msyterious long distance phone calls

Posted on: September 23, 2008

That is exactly how I would describe this call I’ve been getting.
I will not hesitate to post the number here and hope that some of you knows who owns it and why its been calling me.

(74)443-1036. this number first called me September 08. I was not able to answer the phone right away and I was puzzled when i checked the number. As you can see, its a landline number with an area code i cannot identify.

I searched the internet and found out that the area code is assigned for CAR. Well, that is in Luzon and miles away from where I am now.

I know very few people living there and I know for sure that none of them would waste time calling me using their landlines because we have been in contact through cellphone. I tried asking somebody I know who’s from Baguio to try checking the number which she gladly did. She tried calling the number several times but nobody answers it.

I’m a bit puzzled because anybody who would try contacting your CP number using a landline would definitely mean that its something important. Unless of course if that person is just, either stupid enough or, simply rich enough to afford calling long distance. I don’t know the exact rate but I know for sure that landline to cp is quite expensive.

Two weeks after the first call, the same number called again. I was able to answer it but my phone is not up to receiving calls lately. The battery went dead.

I was rationalizing, I only know few people from CAR and not of them would call me using their landlines. That I am sure because I’ve been texting them. Second, if it is something important, why the gap between the calls? I mean, the caller could call again if it wants to. but after the initial contact, it won’t bother calling again. Two weeks. It took two weeks before it started calling again.

the question remains, WHY? Who is this mysterious caller and why does it keep on calling me? Where is he/she calling from? Why is the phone not answered if my friend tries calling it?

I wish he/she would just call and talk to me and answer all these questions because this really puzzles me!

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