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Ideallistic but not rebellious

Posted on: October 3, 2008

“If naay mag-recruit nimo na mag-join sa NPA, mag-join ka?” [If somebody recruits you to join the NPA, will you join?] Nadine, a classmate and fellow reporter in the student publication asked me.

It was before the start of our monday meeting and the subject was broach after a fellow student journalist and guilder [member of the CEGP] was killed in an ambush between the NPA and the Philippine Army.

The College Editors Guild of the Philippines, together with other organizations, has already been tagged as an “Enemy of the State” and as a front of the New People’s Army. There is this theory that CEGP members, especially those in the higher echelon, are being recruited to join [or in some cases, already members] of the revolutionary movement.

I will not speak of course in behalf of the CEGP because I am only a member, but I will speak for myself.

I am a member of the CEGP and I am proud of it. I believe in the things that CEGP is fighting for; freedom of speech, the rights of the people, the fight against tyranny and corruption and so on. I believe in all these even before I became a member of the guild but does this make me an enemy of the state?

I am ideallistic but not rebellious. I believe that the government has it flaws and that something should be done to end it but I don’t believe that joining the revolutionary movement will solve the problems of this country. In fact, I despise the on going conflict between the government and the NPA and all other outlaws in the phillipines.

Armed conflicts does not give any advatange to the country. It only adds to the problems that the country has to solve, it scares of investors and it wastes thousands of lives that could have made a difference in the world.

If I would pick up an M16 rifle and go into the mountains and declare war against the government, will I be helping the country? Will I be helping the Filipino people? No, I don’t think so. I will only give problem to my parents and will do more harm than good.

I don’t believe in war as a solution to all the problems of this country because the root of this problem is not the conflicting ideologies of Filipinos but the attitudes of the people themselves. Or shall I say, ourselves.

The NPA has been in existence for so many years already and yet the problem still continues; corruption still exists in the government and the Philippines still refuse to develop further. Moreover, I refuse to acknowldge the ideologies that the revolutionary movement teaches. In fact, I refuse to acknowldge them as the “People’s Army”.

Why? Simple.

–>If they are really for the people then why do they harm ordinary citizens just to get revolutionary taxes? They burn buses, threaten people, and so on just to collect their taxes and only those in the movement can benefit of it.

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