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Funny yet disturbing…

Posted on: October 4, 2008

Absurd.Ridiculous. Far-out.
These are the very things that came into my mind after a conversation with one of my instructors.

Here’s what happened:

After our final exams last Thursday, one of my instructors told me that he wants to speak with me and motioned for me to go out of the room. I followed and was already thinking that he either wants to talk about the matters in the student publication or, I failed his class. Never in my mind did I imagine that he would insinuate that I am a member of the militant movement.

The first thing he told me is that I am a good student and has the potential as a journalist [this introduction alone makes me sweaty]and then the big B-U-T came… He told me that he noticed that I am too serious and seemed to hate the world. [Huh?]
Then he asked me if I have problems or if I hate somebody or if I hate the world.[again, huh? I was so much tempted to tell him that I hate him] Then he started saying that he once had a student who was like me, intelligent [????], serious [!!!!!], and has the “blood of the journalist.” [uhm…]

I was already puzzled about what he was saying and only came to understand the gist of the story when he said that “sayang baya to siya…she was good…ano di-ay siya sa militante…” then he said, “CEGP pud baya to siya…” He went on rambling about his former student and I was already forcing myself not to laugh because, though indirectly speaking, he wants me to admit to him that I am a member of the militant movement or the NPA…


I think I know where he got this one…
FLASHBACK: a few days ago, one CEGP member was killed in an encounter between the military and the NPA here in Negros oriental. I am a member of the CEGP and he, apparently, knows that.


I really think that was funny and really far-out because even though I am really idealistic, it never cross my mind to go into the mountains and join the revolutionary movement or join any militant groups. I prefer to consider my self realistic when it comes to these matters. I am not criticizing those who chose to join the NPA because that is their choice. They have the right to choose what they want to do with their lives and I cannot do anything about it. “Each to his own” as the saying goes.

But personally, I am not for it. I rationalize that going into the mountains is not the answer to the continuing crisis in the Philippines and being a rebel will not make the country any better. I feel that if I become a rebel, I will only add to the many headaches of the Philippines and I am not helping the country develop also. I mean, the NPA has been in existence for how many years now and yet the country remains the same. In fact, I think their presence only worsens the situation.

I agree that the Philippines has a problem. Lots of problems. But I don’t think that taking up arms and fighting the government will make things better. I do not also believe with the movements so-called ideologies. I do not believe that the revolutionary movement exists for the people because the atrocities that they have been committing has never brought anything good to the public or development for the Philippines.

They may see revolution as a solution to the problem of this country but I see otherwise. I am thankful for the freedom of speech, the press, and freedom of expression that the constitution provides but I prefer to exercise these freedoms in a non violent way. I will speak/write against the government because i know that they need the wake up call, I know that the people has the right to know yet I also believe that it is not only the government that has the obligation to steer this country.

I think cooperation is better than revolution. I also believe that it is better if I focus on my studies and work after I graduate than pick up a gun and join the revolution. I think, I would be helping the country more if I become a productive citizen than a rebel. I think, it would be more beneficial to my fellowmen if I serve them through journalism or any other way that I can than go into the mountains. I think, I could still serve the Filipino people without resorting to violence.

Opting for peace will not make me a coward. Choosing to fight corruption and poverty in a peaceful way does not make me less of a Filipino nor does it make me apathetic to the plight of the country.

And for all those who suspects me, I hope this post helps.



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Yes, its incredibly far out and ridiculous considering you share your instructor’s notion that militants (those who aggressively pursue causes) are members of the insurgent movement’s armed group. 🙂

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