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Crazy frog

Posted on: October 8, 2008

So how would  person feel if he is dying? I always wonder. How would it feel lying there, alone and taking what could probably be your last breathe? How would it feel seeing yourself inside a coffin (Presuming that ghosts are true.

Death is probably the most mysterious thing in the world. Nobody alive knows what lies behind its veils.The people who knows are obviously in no condition to tell us.

But why? Why do we have to die?…

Yes of course..”For the wages of sin is death…”

Sometimes i think it is so unfair that we struggle and sacrifice in this world only to die in the end. And take note, to die without anything. What legacy we may have left in this world (if there is) would be eventually forgotten by those we left.

We would only be forgotten and left rotting inside a reqtangular concrete “box”. We would have nothing but the worms,roaches,grass and the ocassional flowers left by those who could remember.

MAybe  that is why material things are nothing. Mere decorations of life. When you die not even the worlds most expensive jewelry could make you beautiful. Everybody would look the same, rotting corpse and grinning skeletons.

I guess it does not matter how long we had lived in this world but how much we had contributed. Not how rich we had lived but how well we would be remembered.

legacy. Only legacies. There would be nothing left but legacies.


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