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i came to conquer

Posted on: October 8, 2008

…Not to be conquered.I won’t say that i am the captain of my soul because im not.I wont say that i rule my life because i dont.God does.

i came not to conquer the world, but to conquer myself.Hurdle the obstacles God has chose to allow.Conquer the ugly creature inside me, the demon hidden beneath.the dark creature that longs to engulf me.

I came to fight.For my right, for my principles, for those i love, for myself, and for the glory of God.Im willing to fight till the very last drop of by blood.I was born a fighter, and i swear to fight till the end.

I came to seek.To seek for learn more.To gain the insights of the world.My curiousity is insatiable.I seek the depths of the sea of knowledge.I seek the depths of my soul.

I came to be love.I didnt came to be hated nor to be abused.I came to find love.To understand love.To feel love.I am a creature of God.It is my inherent desire to be love.I dont believe in its powers, but i want to witness its mystery.

I came to understand and be understood.I know the world, but the world doesnt know me.I understand the ways of the world.But the world doesnt understand me.

I came to be accepted.I dont want to pretend, because its not me.Acceptance is a cherished thing.I am a social being.I longed to be accepted.As i am and not as somebody else.

and most of all.

I came to win.I’m here to win the game of here to feel the glory of it.I didnt came here to be the loser.I came to be the winner.The winner of lifes struggles.The survivor of the game.I will look back at those who mocked me and will show them that i was born to be the best.

I came to conquer.I came to fight.I came to win.

and im prepared to die for it.

wanna bet?


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