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Enrollment Blues: again!

Posted on: October 14, 2008

There it is again, the queuing for endless fees we have to pay so we could get quality education.

Seemingly endless lines of students lining up, patiently [or in some cases, impatiently] waiting for their turns, mixture of smells and voices are just some of the scene endlessly repeating every enrollment period. Moods change as fast as the weather, tempers rise as fast as the room temperature and body odors mixing as hundreds of bodies press each other waiting and waiting in the long queues.

If history indeed repeats itself, then enrollment in NORSU is the best example of it. Every semester same scenes repeat again and again like a bad movie on rerun. Nobody likes it of course but Nobody has a choice because Somebody decided that everyone should be suffocated by the odors of their schoolmates before enjoying a quality education.

If examination week is hell week, then enrollment week is worst. Just imagine something worst than hell and you’ll get what I mean.

Just try picturing this out, you spend the whole day falling in line despite the humidity, the heat, the hunger, and the imminent future of varicose veins. At least we don’t miss lunch and snacks on examination weeks and we are not forced to stand on hours waiting for a miracle that the person in front of us will move before the Dean, the cashier, or the accounting office would say, “Close na.”

Enrollments are no fun, really. And whoever says its otherwise should have their sense of humor tested.

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