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There is something about Betty…

Posted on: October 20, 2008

I was able to watch Betty La Fea, for the first time since the Kapamilya show “I Love Betty La Fea” was aired in Channel 2, last Friday. I was able to watch the original version and really liked the story. I was also interested in watching the Filipino version of the show since I’ve heard my friends talked about it with much delight.

Well, I did like the show even if it was the first time I’ve watched it. [Owe to the fact that I can’t watch Television during class days]. It was funny and Bea Alonzo looks amazingly cute for the character. Well, she still looks more beautiful than the original Betty but she’s good enough to give justice to the role.

There is however one thing that really entertained me the whole time that the show was airing. It wasn’t the stars [because they were good, so far],it was the mole.

Yes, Betty’s mole. The ever traveling mole. The mole who wouldn’t stay in one place. The mole who keeps on moving and transferring from Bea’s left face to right then back again, then moves up then returns to its normal place again. Yes, its the mole that really entertained me.

It was funny really. I mean, it’s so amazing that nobody in the production staff noticed that something is amiss. I mean, I know for sure that every scene is monitored and checked to perfection, yet here is this one mole who just doesn’t want to conform. Of course, nobody could ever really make a program perfect no matter how much they try and no matter how close to perfection a show is there is always that one big BUT.

All the same, I am still looking forward to watching the coming episodes of the show. Who cares if Betty’s mole can’t stay in one place? It just made the show all the more entertaining.=)

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