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Tonsillitis and Insomnia

Posted on: October 24, 2008

My dear tonsillitis is acting up again and I don’t know why. I haven’t eaten that much sweets lately nor was I able to eat as much frozen foods as I want. I had actually been expecting since I started having difficulty swallowing whatever I happened to be eating  the past days but I did not expect it to manifest itself full-blown last night.

Bad. It is bad.

I hate tonsillitis as much as I hate asthma and Flu. Tonsillitis stops me from doing what I love the most, eating chocolate and all other gastronomical creation that falls under the label “SWEET”. Needless to say, tonsillitis is the ultimate, mortal enemy of my sweet tooth and ever insatiable stomach. And mind you, I don’t have any plans of surrendering to its whims. No sore tonsil could stop me from eating my favorite foods.

And as if having sore throat is not enough, I also had a bout of insomnia last night. A  full blown insomnia. I was awake the whole night without feeling any inclination of shutting my eyes and off to slumberland. I never even slept a wink and I went home last night with the sole purpose of sleeping my sore throat away. I was kind of hoping that it will be gone by the moment I wake up. Unfortunately, there is no “wake up” because there never was “sleep”.

It is bad. Like my tonsillitis, my bout with insomnia was at its worst last night. I found myself wishing that I stayed up in the office instead. At least there is the computer to distract me. And imagine that, I did not even remember my MP4 the whole time. It could have helped me a lot last night.

With my sore throat and my mind refusing to shut down, I stayed up in bed and read the whole night the lights on.

I did have these kinds of episodes before but I was always able to coax myself to sleep at around dawn. Last night was different however. No matter how much I tried to tire my brain and lull it to sleep,it just won’t shut down.

I guess the tonsillitis helped, or shall I say ‘aggravate’, it a little. With my throat aching every time I swallow and actually aching even if I do not swallow, sleeping was quite hard.

I am tired. I wanted to rest so badly but I still don’t feel sleepy until now. If only I am not a bit apprehensive about popping one of my antihistamines even without my usual bout with allergic rhinitis, I suspect I would have fallen asleep. But of course, I don’t want my body to get used to antihistamine especially as a substitute for sedative. I know what it could eventually do to me if I start doing that and trust me, addiction is not part of my life’s itinerary.

So, what do I plan to do with my present predicament? Well, nothing. I will observe it for today and if it remains as painful as last night and my insomnia don’t let up,I will go to the Doctor as soon as possible.

I just hope it will let up soon. I just hate the thought of handing my money to the doctor when I could have eaten a lot of chocolates instead.

2 Responses to "Tonsillitis and Insomnia"

I am in this exact state right now. It’s 5:18 AM. I probably got half an hour of sleep total tonight. This is the worst feeling ever.

ive got it at the moment too, litterally got about 20 minutes of actual sleep last night, the rest was just dosing off and immediately waking up. im having short blasts of like paranoia too, for example last night someone in my house was snoring exceptionally loudly, and i convinced myself there was a dog in my house – really strange stuff eh! hope it goes away soon its unbearable…

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