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50 things about me_

You may not want to know…but I’ll tell you anyway.

1. I’m obsessive-compulsive. I refuse to step on pavement cracks when I’m walking. I double back when I do. I count my steps by ten [as in: 10, 20, 30…100]. I eat NIPS according to color [finish one color first before eating the others].

2. I Love frech fries and dips it in Chicken gravy. I refuse to eat frech fries with ketchup…just chicken gravy. [I think Jollibee and McDo should start serving their fries with Chicken gravy]

3. I love the Army. No question about it.

4. I love army fatigue. I have things of all sorts in this color [skirt, shirt, pants, hanky, ID Sling, Snipers veil, slippers, shoes…and many other things].

5. My crushes [take note: PLURAL] are all in law enforcement. Not because they look dashing in uniform [because they don’t] but because I am more attracted to people with authoritative personalities. I like people who knows how to take charge.

6. I am more attracted to men with brains than men with looks. Smart and intelligent men are sexier than those “things” they call HUNKS.

7. Chinito men ROCKS!

8. My bed is full of pillows that I am having a hard time deciding which part of them I would position myself. I love pillows and I love sleeping sorrounded by pillows with the blanket covering my whole body [no matter how hot or cold the weather is].

9. I love going to the beach but I am scared of the sea. I don’t like it when the water reaches my neck.

10. I don’t know how to swim.

11. I am adventurous and loves taking risks. Life without danger is no life at all.

12. I love and hate the people around me all at the same time.

13. I don’t know how to cook [except instant foods], do the laundry, iron clothes or any other household chores.

14. I never had a boyfriend and can’t imagine myself having one. I think its ridiculous.

15. A girl once told my friend that she is insecured of me because her BF said that I was his ex. Funny, but I don’t even know the guy and for the life of me, I can’t remember having a boyfriend.

16. Almost all people who knows me knows my TOP crushes.

17. The first thing I do when I open the internet is open my mail and check my Multiply account.

18. I am a certified book-addict. Just can’t live without them.

19. When I read books, I focus more on the rebel types of protagonists.

20. I love Hannibal Lecter and I find him interesting.

21. I think crimes are fascinating.

22. I hate the rain and often gets irritable for no reason when it rains.

23. I love foods rich in calories alike chocolates and junk foods.

24. I’ve always wanted to get a bit fatter than my present body. I scour the internet for diets that could make me gain weight and tried them but none were effective because…

25. No matter how much I eat, sleep or how many viatmins I take…my body remains the same. Blame it on my genes perhaps or maybe blame it on anything that could have caused it but no health diet has been successful so far.

26. I will always and forever love Barry Manilow songs as well as those by Air Suppy, Rivermaya and Parokya ni Edgar.

27. I used to be a very promising student…but I always slack off when I reach my senior year. I did when I was in the elementary, also did in high school and is doing it now in college.

28. I hate people who tries so hard to be somebody they are not. I don’t like people who adopts something just ebcause its “in”.

29. Overly-emotional people irks me. I hate weepy, dramatic scenes.

30. I love Ukay-Ukay because I hate it when I see somebody wearing the same shirt as mine. I’m very patient when it comes to rummagin for the best and cheapest clothes in the whole bargain center.

31. No designer jeans could actually fit my waistline. They are always too big for me.

32. As of the writing of this blog, my present waistline is 21 [becomes 22 after I’ve eaten].

33. It has always been a joke in the family that I was left in a bus when I was only a few weeks old. The story goes that, my paternal grandfather’s sister was to bring me to their hometown when she suddenly felt the call of nature. She was traveling alone and she knows nobody aboard the bus [which is about to leave already] and so she decided to leave me on the seat of the bus and went to the C.R.

34. I am the youngest in the family and has an elder brother who constantly tortures me when we were younger. But I still love him anyway.

35. My things are mine aone. I hate it when somebody uses my things without asking for permission. I’m fiercely territorial and I always [overy] protect my turf.

36. I hate feeling close people. Those who act as if we are best friends after knowing me for a few days.

37. I hate it when guys say, “I LOVE YOU” and they could not explain why. Especially if they say it and they don’t know me that much at all.

38. I’m a rule breaker. I’m a rebel. I never conform to the general public. And, I like they way I am.

39. I splurge on food and books but will never buy clothes with prices higher than P100.

40. I find people’s mind fascinating. I ove observing people and trying to understand their behavior without gettin close to them. I believe that the real you can only be truly observed when you are not aware of it. The people you are close with don’t really know the real you because when you are with your friends, you only tend to show attitudes that your friends like and try to hide those that they don’t like.

41. I love philosophy as a subject because it allows me to justify my shortcomings. HEHEHE.

42. I can be very brutal when I want to.

43. I am a pure boodied Ilongga and I am proud of it. I have always been proud of my ethnicity and I hate it when people disciminate us. We are even better than the rest of them.

44. No matter what others say, I will always love cardcaptor Sakura and Mirmo de Pon.

45. I hate it when people interferes with my life. Its when they are trying to change what should not be and forcing me to be somebody I am not that really pisses me off.

46. I prefer to be called child-like than childish. There’s a whole lot difference you know.

47. My favorite channel is Disney, Zone Reality, Discovery and National Geographics. I love watching cartoons and CSI, also Myth Busters and everything that NGC has to offer.

48. I don’t believe in love at first sight. I always believe that you can only say that you truly love a person if you could accept that person without buts or ifs.I’m a great believer of unconditional love.

49. I think more than I feel. No explanation needed.

50. Despite the many things that I could say for myself, I stil believe that like the people around me I am still in the process of getting to know myself. There are still more that I have to know about myself. “Hello me, can we just stop and talk awhile…get to know each other…”=)


3 Responses to "50 things about me_"

I can’t agree with what you said really….
please explain in detail a bit more for me 😀


which part do you exactly want me to explain?


try visiting my site at You are very much welcome to contribute your blog there.


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